Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Doing Great!

Rick and I ran but at separate times and different routes. Someone had to watch the kids and my parents were out. So, we went in shifts this time. I ran what I think was about a three and a quarter run in Twenty Four minutes. My best time so far. It felt good. And Rick reduced his time by about twenty eight percent. It was all around a very successful day for me. I played with kids all morning. Got my house cleaned and laundry done including the sheets on my bed, my bathroom is spotless thanks to a mishap with the toilet (my sweet Lizzie-bless her soul)....and we did some BBQ-ing after our run and topped it all off with FHE and Blondies for dessert-that Lizzie and I made earlier. I love her! She is my little Betty Crocker Girl. She loves to cook with me and I love that she does-it's nice to have company in the kitchen. Oh! and since we're talking about cooking. Lizzie made herself mac and cheese all by herself (I was supervising, of course) But she didn't want any help. She is going to make some guy very happy someday, because who doesn't love someone to cook for them.

Notes to Self:
Ran 3.15ish miles  24 minutes
Great Day!!

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Kelly said...

Wow, that's a great time! And I love that Rick's run is calculated by 28%...very specific. LOL.
You are so good with kids. I loved it when you took mine in the kitchen and made goodies. Such great times!