Friday, April 27, 2012

Good run with a Good friend

I had such a great run last night. It was nice and easy and I had great conversation with my friend I've failed to keep in touch with over the last few years. But Yay! for making re-connections with friends. Nicole Pead is one of those friends you can pick up right where you left off and not notice a single difference in relationship. She will be a life-long friend even when there may be some breaks in between. I love her! I think she is an amazing person. I've always admired her and probably always will.

Notes to Self:
slow-paced run about six miles


Kelly said...

Running with friends is the best!
Have you tried doing a fartlek run? It's GREAT training. ...and fun to say, "I did a fartlek run today."

Kelly said...

From, Miley. You are going to be strong and helthy and survive on the planit for a very long time and take good care
of your kids. I hope you take good care of Link and Lizy!