Sunday, November 1, 2009

Night! Mmmmmmwwwhhhaa!!!

I know I've said this before, but it's happening. Elizabeth is growing up! Too fast, isn't there a pause button somewhere?! She is now saying all sorts of words including, Hi and Bye and the cutest of them all is when she says good "Night" and always follows it with a big blow kiss and a wave.

Of course rick gives us kisses before he leaves for work every morning and this one morning this last week, Lizzie was especially bummed that daddy was leaving and when I said to blow kisses bye, bye, she started the ritual and then paused still holding her hand over her mouth. shes was completely frozen there almost as if she were thinking, " Maybe, If I don't blow a kiss, he won't go". Rick saw this and came back to give his little girl some BIG reassuring hugs. I believe she thought it worked and she might just try out that trick more often now.

Look at that face!


Kelly said...

LOVE that face! If you find that pause button, let me know. I could use it up here in Lehi!

Rae said...

Oh I just want to squeeze her little cheeks!! :)