Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A little Halloween Preview

Unfortuantely, these aren't the pictures of all of us in our costumes because I forgot to take my camera for all the fun Halloween picture taking. So, it may be just a little while before I get the pictures from JD's camera. But these are a few pictures of our preparations for Halloween. Originally, we had purchased 3 pumpkins- one for each of us (Happy Pumpkin Family), but one of our pumpkins which we carved to have a tombstone with R.I.P. out of it, decided to grow hair. LOTS of hair and really fast too. So, we just have the two here.
(Left: dragon, monster thing) (Right: Owl)

We didn't get pictures of our pumpkins until after a couple of days, so if you're thinking they look kind of shriveled its because they are. Actually, our poor owl pumpkin was left lit the night we went out for a Halloween party and he got cooked pretty good- Oops! Elizabeth loved carving the pumpkins, she helped with a lot of it as well. She would hold the scooper and the pumpkin saw as we went to work on them and she was especially good at cleaning the insides out of the pumpkins by taking little fingerfuls and eating it. Yum!

So, while I was searching the town for a bone for Lizzie's hair, I was coming up empty handed and so I decided to return to the Marie Callendars lunch I had eaten the day before to retrieve a chicken leg bone from the garbage. I cleaned it of really good and stuck it in the window sill to let dry. It was perfect and quite genius if I do say so myself.

I just have to say that I had so much fun making Lizzie's costume this year and the total cost of the outfit and the accessories only came to about $5. Yay! Rick's costume didn't cost a thing because he used what we already had and my costume cost me $7. Yay again!

Here's Lizzie's bone bow that I made for her and below is a picture of Lizzie wearing her pearly rock bracelet.

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Rae said...

You are SO creative--that bow and bracelet are AWESOME!!