Monday, November 2, 2009


Friday was so much fun! We scheduled to have family pictures with Rachel and it was such a blast. Elizabeth totally adored Rachel and at one point was climbing on her and searching for her belly button. Even Rick mentioned to me how much fun it was and  for the occasion being family pictures, I was very much surprised to hear that from him. But it's true, normally getting family pictures is more stressful than fun but to me, it was like a girl's night but family invited. Elizabeth was so much fun to watch as she ran around playing with this or that. She found a couple of little toy frogs in the grass and was pretty happy about finding them. Rachel took great pictures and I'm so excited to see them when she's all finished. Thanks Rachel! I think you are an amazing photographer and an even better friend. I love you!

Also, after the picture taking was done, we left for Jason's Birthday party which was so much fun. It was a costume party, which Rick failed to mention to me, so neither of us were dressed up. It was a little awkward when Jason answered the door in his awesome pirate costume and we had come as us. Luckily, Jason loaned us a couple of costumes for the night, which meant that I was a Renaissance Lady and Rick was a HOBO GHOST! It really was a lot of fun. we had Cafe Rio and some really yummy cherry limeade sprite drinks, granted they had brains in them but that only made for some good texture when our drinks were through. 

Happy Birthday Jason!


Kelly said...

I can't wait to see the pictures!!!

Rae said...

Awwww, garsh. You make me blush. :)