Friday, April 4, 2014

I Love days like these

The kids and I brought daddy lunch today. He met us at a park real close and we all played our little hearts out while he was there. I love sneaking in a bit of time with Rick anywhere I can and this just happens to be a great park close by his work where we can let the kids play while we eat or chat together or join the kids in some park play. It's a beautiful day today- I couldn't resist! Besides I did some cleaning and organizing at home and had a load to be put in our storage unit. Penny has out grown so many of her fun baby toys-the swing, the bouncy chair, and the bassinet. She is to the point of trying to crawl out of her crib even and I'm thinking she may just succeed at it-I'll keep you posted.
I feel so blessed on this beautiful day with all my babies playing nicely and for the little (and sometimes the only) bit of time I get to spend with Rick. It's never much time we get together but we make it work and it's been nice. He is my very best friend and I feel lucky to be his wife.
I taught a lesson in Primary on Eternal marriage this last Sunday and told the kids how Rick and I met and then were married for all eternity. I later thought- I can't think of a more romantic gesture. Rick didn't just want to marry me for this time on earth-til death do us part, But he wanted it to be forever and then to be sealed in such a beautiful Temple is like being married in a castle (That's what my kids have called it). I'm so glad he picked me and even more grateful to have three sweet, beautiful babies. Well, here's some pictures from our day. Hope you enjoy!

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