Thursday, April 17, 2014

A bit of randomness

The weather has been so nice, we've had a few more park days and spent some several hours playing in the sprinklers at the house as well as bike rides in the evenings. Lincoln is learning to whistle and so am I..Haha! but for real. Lizzie will be graduating from Kindergarten soon-Crazy! I can't believe it. She did awesome and is so excited for first grade. Rick is still working his heart out and I am trying to not complain about the very tiny bit of time me and the kids get to see him. I also did very good in this last volleyball tourney and I think I may have just found my doubles partner for as long as the both of us are still living in St. George and are not hugely pregnant. We played really well together. I can't wait for the next one! Penny got her first immunizations and she took them like a champ but I will totally say that I'm glad I waited for her to get them. We also had to wait like two hours at the doctors office so we took some pictures and the kids enjoyed it (they were so good at waiting-it was unbelievable). Penny is nine months now and growing like a weed! I seriously wish I could find the pause button...Rick and I got to check out the blood moon together this last week-kinda Eerie but way cool. We have also been looking and keeping our eyes open for homes everywhere. Not sure where life will take us next but we're being open to anything and how's that for a bit of randomness

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