Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Family Home Evening.....hmmm...what can I say about this? I love it but most often it ends with one or two kids in tears for some reason yet we keep doing it because the tears never outweigh the laughs. We played "Dead Man" any one heard of it? It was one of my favorite childhood trampoline games along with "Rolley Polley"...Ring any bells?? I don't know if these were just made up games for our family or if they are known among so many others...either way, they are great and Lincoln is ALWAYS wanting to play them, which made me think it was the perfect activity for our family. We also watched a short film that was really inspirational and had some great lessons in it. We can't seem to get through any movie without Lizzie asking a hundred questions which in this case was not a bad thing. Even though Lincoln lost interest and had my phone taken from him after he tried to sneakily play a game on it instead of doing what the rest of the family was doing, I had felt the spirit while watching the movie and so I know my kids feel it too and maybe someday they can make a connection with that feeling and the good things in life. I am hopeful that even though FHE lessons can feel overwhelming, chaotic, and more tear-filled than most other days, that someday it can bless our family in more ways than one. Like I said, the laughs definitely out weigh the cries.

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