Monday, March 31, 2014

A Load I wouldn't hand off to anyone else

I am screaming Inside and Out-Ahhhhhhhh!!! I've had a load-quite Literally! And I am SO beyond ready for Rick to be back to his health and strength. It's been two weeks that I have had another child to take care of instead of a husband to help. I don't blame Rick but I sure want to sometimes because let's face it, sometimes we take our frustration out on the ones we love. For those that don't know, Rick threw out his back a couple of weeks ago and I've been picking up slack everywhere--I'm exhausted. Rick doesn't even have a great story behind his predicament, except that he bent over and BAM! He folded in half on the floor-Chiropractic appointments have helped but it's taking its sweet time healing. It doesn't help that Rick isn't taking the necessary steps to help with it (Hence me feeling like I'm taking care of another child). Alright, my venting is over-just had to get that out there and now on to brighter subjects...
We managed to get out of the house the other day and went to the park... The swings are my favorite! I loved them as a little girl and that love has never changed. Swings have played an important role in my life-sounds silly to say but they always seem to take me back to times in my life-Of course as a child when it was simpler times, to first loves and friendships and then to comfort a friend suffering from a deep loss and now to always bringing smiles and laughter to my children.

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