Friday, March 28, 2014

Hold your Horses!

On occasion, me and the kids get to enjoy some horse riding time. It's one of the advantages to living here. Anytime, my dad saddles up the horses, we steal a moment to exercise them. My kids love them!
I didn't grow up with horses. They came when I was in high school, but I still was able to enjoy them a little from time to time. I always thought horses were beautiful though and was pretty excited when my dad got our first horse. My youngest sister was the 4H-er in the family though. She rode in 4H for a few years I think. I was raising a lamb around the same time, believe it or not, when we got our first horse. My lambs name was Regi and he could run my 90lb butt right over. It was comedic watching me try to walk him-he was a fatty! Feeding him was about all I knew how to do as far as taking care of him. Now that I've taken that stroll down memory lane. I wanted to post some pictures. These pictures are from this last winter and I didn't get the chance to share but we rode again this last week and will get the chance this next week too so I'm posting some now.

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