Tuesday, January 28, 2014

New level of Motherhood

I've reached a new level of Motherhood. I had the kids loaded, a bottle just in case, a movie playing in the van, non-messy lunches packed for the kids, their scooters and frisbee's for the park play date, water bottles, all the information needed for the trip to the DMV, the kids sunglasses, Lincoln's Lightning McQueen car, drawing pad and coloring necessities in the purse along with an extra outfit for penny, diapers and wipes.....Whoo!, with a sigh and a deep breath of relief, I climbed into the van and backed out of the driveway going over this very list in my head-check, check, check. I couldn't believe I was backing out of my driveway with no hesitations or last minute, "Craps!"  You know-- the Crap, I forgot the binky kind of "Craps"...I keep driving, feeling pretty great right about now. I may be getting my old self back-the mega mom brain is working again. Just then I get to the first stop sign leaving the Valley and press on the pedal to brake and- CRAP!! I'm not wearing shoes?! How in the world??...How does a person not realize they don't have shoes on? Really?!
Thankfully, I got my shoes after laughing at myself the whole way back to the house. I found myself relaxing once again at the park with my kids. I met some new friends and found myself laughing hysterically at another mothers, new level of Motherhood story...Only she had forgot to put on the bra. I'm thinking I may not be too far off from that or maybe some would say I just passed it. Still, I felt comfort in the fact that I'm not the only one.
I used to think I would be something  pretty special someday but i'm not. I'm just an ordinary person trying my darndest to be SOMETHING..but I had a realization. When I had my kids, they made me special because I was special to them. Without my kids-I am NOTHING.

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cerrah said...

I love this, your blog is lots of fun and it helps me be motivated to read another friend's blog. That was definitely a story worth recording. (: