Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thanksgiving Adventures!

We went up North for Thanksgiving this year. The Thanksgiving Dinner was amazing, especially the gravy. I think I may have gained 5 lbs :)

This was just the dessert table! We made the apple pie that say's "Just For Grandpa", just for Grandpa Jade.

Here's the guys playing some Wii Golf.

And here's the girls enjoying each others blogs and all of Jasmin's fun England pictures. Grandma Darley spent Thanksgiving with us this year and it was so much fun to see her again. I swear she doesn't get older, just more beautiful.

We also got to hang out with Brittany's boyfriend and his sister for a bit. They all rocked out to Guitar Hero, including Lizzie.
Elizabeth had loads of fun with her cousins. I think we have quite the band here.

Elizabeth had a little more fun nude rather than clothed. She was our little escapee during the diaper changing and she just couldn't stay away from the piano or the kittens. In fact, she couldn't stay away from the kittens or the interesting sand box they all played in. She was caught taste-testing the Kitty Litter and then later that night she found the Lysol cleaner under the kitchen sink. Anyone who hasn't experienced something similar to this is probably thinking I'm a terrible mother for not watching her closer but anyone who has experienced something like this may understand MY sweet Lizzie a little better. Needless to say, It gave all of us quite the scare. Luckily, it only took Elizabeth one drink of the Lysol to realize she didn't like it. And thanks to the sweet lady from poison control and the amazing power of the Preisthood, I knew everything would be okay. And it was after a little bit of time and some vomiting. But by the next morning, Lizzie was definitely back to her usual self if not better. I think the Lysol gave her some super power strength to out smart us parents one last time before our stay had ended.
We found our super Lizzie flooding the bathroom upstairs. Seriously!
She sure had fun doing it though.

P.S. I forgot to tell whoever had the purple tooth brush in the bathroom, Lizzie chewed on that one a little longer than the rest. Sorry!


Kelly said...

Hahaha!!! This is my favorite post ever! Shay, you are so cute, and so is your bare-bottomed baby. All of these pictures are adorable. Thank you for sharing them!

Rae said...

Kelly looks so freaking cute with that headband/flower on!!

And I love Elizabeth's bum! Hahhah....and just to make you feel better. There was a day when I called Poison Control TWICE. And later that day, I do believe that that same child did something ELSE crazy....I'm telling you. I understand! :)

Morgan & Heidi Taylor said...

Hi! Wow you've done a lot with your blog! It looks really good! I sent you an invite to mine but just to warn you I'm not good at updating... Maybe I'll get better at it soon?! Your daughter is way cute! Call me or I'll call you so we can hang out at the park! See ya!

*Clint & Rach Talbot* said...

Your grandpa cake was the hit of pie night :) it turned out so cute. Hey we have a blog too but send me your email and I'll add you to it.
Love ya Cuz!!