Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Darley Christmas Party

Well we set off on yet another trip to Salt Lake City. I just can't get enough time with the family. I love them too much to leave their lives undisturbed.
We had so much fun. The road trip to and from was nice and planting my feet on the ground or up on a couch was even nicer. Our first night there was the oh-so-fun Darley Christmas party. This was my first time attending and I've been married to Rick going on five years. So it was about time we made it happen. Of course I had to be updated on everyone because I'm a little out of the loop, but Rick did well to fill me in, even though, I fear it will need to be repeated again and again. I loved watching Lizzie, Miley, Isaac, and Ava interact (or not) with all the cousins running around.

The kids played "Duck, Duck, Goose!" and drew pictures while being blind folded. Miley did especially good at drawing stars and flowers.

Isaac patiently waited in line for his turn to draw and I'm sure was wondering to himself, "why is Aunt Shay taking pictures of me?"
It's because I love you Isaac!

Elizabeth had her fun coloring with her new made friends.
And Ava stayed close to mom or dad and curiously watched everyone.

Look, I got her to smile for me a little bit.
I love my sweet Ava!

I ate some simply amazing Sloppy Joe's and filled up the rest of the way on yummy chocolate caramel cake, chocolate peanut butter m&m cookies, mint patties and I won't go on because I'm starting to feel really guilty that I ate all that food. But my very most favorite treat was the time I got to spend with my family.
Thank You
I Love You All!


Kelly said...

Thank you for posting Darley Party pictures! That was so much fun!

Rae said...

Oh my word, Ava has grown! I love these pictures.