Thursday, November 6, 2014

Nine Years

I went into the post office the other day to grab a package. I was wearing jeans and a volleyball t-shirt. I wasn't dressed up for anything but to run a few simple errands and get back home asap. There was a long line and I realized I forgot to take Penny's bottle out of my purse for my mom who was waiting in the van with the kids. I hoped Penny wouldn't get fussy. I listened while a guy picked up a package. I was doing the same thing so I listened to see if there was anything else I needed besides the little piece of paper I had. It didn't seem like it. I waited another twenty minutes before it got to me. It was a fast moving line but it was still a long line. I walked out with my package when the same guy that had been at the front of the line when I came in and got in the back of the line, had been waiting in his truck. He stepped out of his truck and said, Excuse me! Um...Can I ask you something? I responded, sure. He simply asked, Um, Are you single? It took me completely by surprise. He had a nice smile and I thought it was so sweet how long he had waited, contemplated and built up the nerve to ask me that when I came out. It really made my day!
I laughed about it when I got in my mini van and pulled out Penny's bottle that sat in the outside pocket of my purse and Lizzie asked, what did that guy want? Something like that makes a mom of three feel pretty good.
Thankfully though, I was able to respond to him and happily say that I was not available. I can't tell you how happy it makes me to be able to say that, except I am one of those lucky girls that found the man of her dreams years ago. I have had numerous, similar incidents happen to me lately that have made me feel pretty but each time, I also feel so blessed to have what I have. I would never want to find myself starting over with someone else. No one would ever measure up to what I have. Because the truth is, I have never doubted the decision I made nine years ago to marry Rick. He truly is my best friend and the Love of my life.
With that said, It is our Anniversary and so I will post a few pictures of what I did for Rick this year to let him know what a Hot commodity he is to me. I know it's cheesy but I like cheesy. I think that's obvious, because if anyone knows Rick, they also know I chose cheeesy!! He started his day off with a post it note in the shower next to his toothbrush that said, "You make me smile".
I made some little note cards with stick figure pictures-9 "Reisens" I love him for the nine years that we've been married. He found the notes tied to a bag of Reisens chocolate candies in his car which I decorated and filled with more fun notes and gifts. You will see just how I decorated his car in a moment.
He got some Nuts with a note that said,"I'm nuts about you!!" He also got a new pack of gum that said, " I'm stuck on you" and A Naked drink that may or may not have said something sexy to go with it, and a note on his mirror that said, "Drive safe! You are precious cargo." Those were just a few of the notes, there were more. What I painted on his car windows, was my favorite part. Here are some pictures, Enjoy!

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