Thursday, November 13, 2014

Happy Halloween!!

I'm not gonna lie, these Halloween's costumes were a bit more time consuming than I originally anticipated, which made them way more work than I planned..... But we ALL dressed up this year and it was a blast! I told Rick he has to wear his same costume for the next five to ten years to make it worth it but the rest came easily and the kids loved them!! I love Halloween for the chance to dress up but I also HATE it because of all the candy. Not just because it tests my abilities to discipline myself- to Not eat everything in sight- but also for my kids sake and their teeth. I don't know about you but some of my kids get mean when they have too much sugar too.
We have been super busy lately so carving the pumpkins was as hard as cleaning the pumpkins out as it was to squeeze it into our schedules. I kept waiting for a time we could do it all together but it never happened, so Rick never got to be a part of the carving fun but maybe next year.
We just went around the valley this year even though I would've liked to do a bit more, Rick isn't quite enthusiastic as I am about trick or treating. So, we kept it simple and it was still a load of fun. But next year will be more fun because I won't be making all of the costumes. I say this now, but we'll see. I think we have a fair amount now for our family to pick through and find one to their liking. The costume I enjoyed making the most was Penny's Ewok. There's just something about making cute little people outfits. She was the most darling and awesome Ewok ever!! But Lizzie's Hair was pretty freakin' fun to poof as well. And Lincoln, being the the cutest Star Wars Nerd of the century was the coolest Luke Sky walker around. No joke! He watches Star Wars ALL THE TIME! Which is also what gave me inspiration to make Rick's Storm trooper. It's all foam! Craft foam from the craft store and I got a whole roll of it for like $4. So his costume was about $8-$9 total with the elastic and Velcro it needed. I already had the glue. I love it when I can make a costume that's way better quality and design than a store bought one with the same or less amount of money. For my own costume, I sewed a few scraps of fabric together and put on some buttons, and made some glasses out of toilet paper rolls and duct tape and then spray painted them and voila. I would say easy peasy (As Lizzie would say it), which in grand retrospect it is, but it's the time that it takes that makes it seem like more work especially with little ones to take care of. So, that's why I say I won't be making costumes next year because not only did I make my families costumes, but I made my sister one too. She was a minion too. On a side note, I was surprised at how many people did NOT know about minions and Despicable Me!!
So, you're about to get major picture overload because How can I possibly take enough pictures of the cutest Ewok ever?! Haha! Happy Halloween Everyone!!

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