Sunday, July 20, 2014

Happy Birthday Penny!

I can't believe Penny's One! I know I say this ALL THE TIME, but where did the time go?
It is a very bitter-sweet moment for me to see my baby turn one but she has blessed our family so much in this last year and blessed me in the nine months previous, with her sweet spirit and beautiful personality. She  is our sweetest Penny and I love her so much. Happy Birthday baby girl!
Penny is 30 inches tall and is "off the charts" on her weight, according to her last checkup a couple days before her birthday. She weighed 23 lbs I think. Maybe it was closer to 24, either way-she's healthy and happy. Although, she wasn't too happy this last week. She has been working on a couple of teeth on top. She has two on the bottom and when these next two finally decide to pop out it will be four-should be any day now-poor teething baby. Pretty sure she would've enjoyed her cake much better if she had been feeling good. It was a happy birthday nonetheless and a mile marker for our not-so-little, walking, smiling, Penny.

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