Monday, July 28, 2014

Happy Birthday Lizzie!!

Wow! Six years old for this Angel. She literally is my helper, life saver, and one of my best friends. Did I mention she's also the best big sister ever! Seriously, there was a reason she was my first baby and has grown into the wonderful girl that she is. I love Lizzie so much. She is the light and life of the party always and knows how to keep it real. She's smart as a whip and loves to use her imagination, make up her own songs and will talk and sing your ears off- all day long. I wouldn't change a thing. Happy Birthday Elizabeth Rae! Mommy loves you to little, itty bitty pieces!!
Lizzie has been asking me for a Dance theme birthday party for the last six months or more. She had it planned that the family would be dancing to the dance games on the wii and there were other things I may or may not have put together for the party. I was going to have a disco ball pinata because hello, it would've been so easy to make but we had a change of plans and I didn't have time to get it together but that's okay, it was better without it. I had found some disco, light up balloons on clearance at Wal-mart and they just happened to be perfect for her ideas and so I stored em away until now. They were so fun and the kids LOVED them of course. We blacked out the window so that we could see them flash like they were meant to be seen. The kids loved that as well. What kid doesn't like a dark room with flashing balloons- I mean, come on-how cool is that. Anyway, It was my idea to come up with a dance off and have everyone participate in the tournament, which I won, by the way. So totally nerdy that I was into it that much but it made it So Much Fun! We had two separate Wii's set up-one for adults and one for kids.  The kids also had a dance off, but they didn't really follow tournament brackets like us cool adults (totally being sarcastic by the way). They just danced, whoever wanted, and then they played some fun Mario Wii games. Most of the family was around and that made it so much better. Lizzie loves any chance she gets to have her cousins here. It was a blast and a wonderful idea on Lizzie's part.

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