Monday, May 20, 2013

Getting Closer!

I'm gonna say I'm ten weeks away but it's more like nine. I hate keeping track but it's hard not to, I wish I could be one of those that just goes with the flow of things but I'm a planner and can't control these obsessive urges to deep clean everything in sight and keep cleaning until this baby pops out! I even plan for the possible early labor. It's a disease! I can't help it.
  I am so excited for this baby to get here, I can hardly stand it but like any normal person planning to have a baby at home with a midwife, I have moments of anxiety. I don't believe it's normal to Not have those moments. The thing that puts my mind at ease every time are the blessings I am given by Rick. I can't begin to express how wonderful it is to have the Priesthood at my fingertips. I have kept record of the blessings I've received and I look back on them when I'm feeling anxious about the unknown. That has been a blessing  in itself and I'm incredibly grateful. My Heavenly Father knows me better than I know myself and I can testify of that in the fullest.
  I don't have pictures now but I'll will soon. As well as an update of our latest adventures

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Chris and Tara Stanley said...

Man! It's like everyone I know is wanting to do home births now! Let me know how it goes!