Thursday, April 25, 2013

Healthy and Happy!

I'll be putting on my first essential oils class this Friday and I'm so excited to learn more about them. I've had a few samples I've accumulated over the last year and I've used them from time to time when I've thought of them. I'm wondering now why I hadn't thought of them more. So, for those interested, come learn. It should be a lot of fun and of course there'll be treats!

Now, a little something else...
We have been hit with every known bug, sickness, cold, cough, whatever and then hit again which has given me ample opportunities to use the little bit of oils I have now and wishing I had my own which is just another reason for my investment in these oils. My kids had pink eye as well as coughs that are persistent as heck and never go away. Flu bugs and ear infections and name it, we've had it!

Finally, feeling free of most of these aside from a pesky cough...I'm waiting, OH-SO-IMPATIENTLY, for my oils and so excited. My kids have been fortunate to only have had these nasty bugs for short periods of time because I've put much more effort into getting them better than I have myself which I see is not the best idea, because if I'm not feeling well then I can't seem to take care of my kids the way I hope-my smart thinking, right?
So, they are back to their happy selves and I enjoy their happy selves....which leads into this next segment, a little happy something.

Lincoln is speaking so much more, it's much easier to understand him and he tries to put words into three or four letter sentences which is darling. He has so much of his dads personality and so much of his moms major sweet tooth. He has a laugh that is contagious, a smile that goes on for miles, eye lashes to die for, a sad face that wins you over every time and he knows it, and hugs and kisses that would win any girls heart.

He's getting familiar with all the baby stuff as he now thinks that instead of my belly being just a ball, it's a "baby ball".
Boobs which he pronounces "beeboo's" are "baby baba" (I think he's learned that one from having a nursing mom in the house-Jennie and ducky are still living here while they're on the last stretch of their house renovations).
He loves to give kisses to my belly for baby and the other night, while laying in bed, he was sitting with me while I read and he stuck his belly out as far as he could and exclaimed  "Baby!" while pointing to his own stomach and looking at mine.
He loves to play babies with his sister and they each of their own babies and baby strollers that they love to take for walks around the house.

Lincoln loves sports, he picks up little techniques that no one has even tried to teach him. He picked up the basketball and tried dribbling it and was doing it really well. He also tries to hold the football with one hand and slaps it with the other like hes gonna make you go long for the catch.

He's so independent when it comes to taking car of  himself, he wants to brush his own teeth, hold his own peepee down, get himself dressed....but he's a mamma's boy when around big crowds of people he's not familiar with-SO Bashful!

He plays the innocent card well with his pouty face and questioning Why? For EVERYTHING!
Me-Don't go in the road
Lincoln-(puppy dog face) Why?
Me-Don't splash the water out of the bathtub
Me-because it makes a mess or you'll get hit by a car

You get it, right? And it's pretty dang cute! I don't ever get sick of it...

The other night we were cuddling in bed and Lincoln kept bumping into my belly because my chest is like his favorite place to cuddle since he first popped out of the womb, but it was uncomfortable gettin a knee to the belly with every squirm. So I asked him, "Lincoln, will you go cuddle with your dad?"
He looks up at me and says, "No, thank you!"
He really is a polite little guy-says, please and loves to say thank you and does it well, he says excuse me with every fart and laughingly so.

He's a pretty good little helper for me and the other day I asked him to throw a plastic bag away, so he takes the bag and chucks it as far away as he could from us....I laughed and said, I meant in the garbage! So he fetched the bag and put it in the garbage. SUCH A SWEET HEART!!

I realize I've gone on forever about Lincoln but in the past, it's been Lizzie.
Well, I'm wishing you all health and happiness... til next time!

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Kelly said...

Oh sweet Lincoln! Such a personality! I laughed forever at the "throw away" incident! :D
Those oils are great, Vicki used them a lot on the kids when we lived with her.
Tell the whole family that we love them!!! xoxo