Friday, April 12, 2013

Been up to Nothing but CRAZY!

Some things we've been up to lately...sorry about the picture quality, they are from my phone

We've been up to nothing but CRAZY lately...

along with Lincoln's obsession with Balls continued.

Rick finished church basketball just a month or so ago and me and the kids just loved going to his games and cheering him on...Lincoln, of course loved all the balls being dribbled around. He's already picked up on a lot of ball techniques-I think I know what his favorite sport is going to be.
 Time Outs! 
Hard to believe this cutie could possibly do something to be put in time out. Haha!!

 Happy Baking-Goodies and Green smoothies
My kids love them!
 Is it bike-riding season already?!

We've spent a great deal of time with this little guy-Corbin. He is the sweetest, cutest little boy aside from Lincoln. I'm in love with him! He brings a joy beyond measure to my heart, my children, and our household.

 General Conference was this last weekend and it was so spiritually uplifting. Saturday, I babysat Corbin and we all sat and watched conference together in the peaceful quiet of our downstairs. My parents went to town for the afternoon session to help with Ducky's house and listen over the radio there. Had I not started a batch of Cinnamon rolls, we would have gone down too. My kids did so well to cuddle up with their dad on the love sac and watch and play quietly with one another while conference played that Rick and I were both able to take in all that was said with very few distractions. Corbin was so good, he watched my kids play so intently for what seemed like hours. I fed him and then towards the end of conference when Elder Eyring was speaking he began to get tired. I sang to him a song that Eyring had referred to in his talk, Abide with Me, tis' Eventide, as it was in my head for the moment. As I sang, Corbin starred so intently at me as I starred back into his beautiful eyes. His lids began to drift closed until he was fast asleep. It was a sweet, peaceful, wonderful day and I was grateful. I had a glimpse of what it may be like with three beautiful babies. I do realize that not every day will be filled with such bliss and calm, in fact, most may consist of the opposite, but it sure does make me excited for those sweet and precious moments that make history in my  books.

My baby girl will be going to school this year which I still have a hard time grasping the concept of and I got her registered the end of last month after the oh-so-torturous back to school shots...she was SO excited! Can you believe it? I'm not kidding, she really was excited to get shots. I think it was more the idea of getting to go to school- the shots were like the entrance fee and she was A-OKAY about getting them. In fact she was all too impatient with the doctor and nurses. The doctor came in and apologized for the long wait and I politely said, "that's quite alright" and Lizzie, bluntly honest, says, "No Kidding!, It's taking Forever!!"

 She was excited until the nurse came in with the needles on the tray. While the nurse was explaining things to me, Lizzie, in her nervous, jittery way, with a giggle in her words, says, "I don't think I want to be poked anymore?..No, I don't think I want to...maybe we don't poke my arms today...I don't think I want to" It was like a giggly recording on repeat, but she was brave and sat still the whole time. I had a demo game playing on my phone as a distraction for her and I held her hand and was there the whole time. With the first shot it was just an "Ouch", the second was an "Ow, that hurts with a look of save me in her eyes, the third shot followed the shaky, but tough plea, "Owwww!! that hurts with a single tear falling from her eyes and the fourth was, "Owww!, That reaaallly hurts!" with the tears flowing freely now. I remained tough for her but I wanted to take the pain away. I wanted to cry with her.

She was rewarded with a happy meal from McDonald's, one of her favorite things and lots of cuddle time with mommy, which was more for my sake not hers.

Lincoln, however, went to the Dentist to check on his fused teeth for the first time. I guess I've been a little concerned and curious. It will probably need to be fixed in the close future but I knew going into it that Lincoln was not going to like the dentist. It's hard enough for him to let me clean "the bugs" out of his teeth every night. "Bugs" in his teeth is the only way to get him to cooperate. He didn't like it, just as I presumed, but we managed. Rick was there to help which was really very nice for me.

 He did however like the Giant fish tank and all the tropical fish-what little boy wouldn't?!
We will be going back for some follow up appointments and maybe some work to fix his teeth, just to keep  it from decaying in the next few years until it falls out.

We've also put in some trips to Mesquite to pick up pallets for Dustin's wood floor in his house...i will post pictures of that too when I get some. They just started his floor the other day and the whole house is really coming together for them. I'm very excited for them. Here's Lizzie driving with her Uncle Brogan and having a blast in the process.

I am 26 weeks now. I'll be going to my first Chiropractic adjustment this Saturday and I'm thinking it's much needed with all the back muscle spasms I've been having. I get frequent Braxton Hicks contractions and this baby never sleeps. The most active baby I've ever had, I think. The more time goes by the more excited I get about having this baby here. We don't have names yet but we are working on it. I came across this picture the other day and I can't believe it was less than 2 years ago that we had this cutie. Seriously, Can't wait!!

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