Thursday, May 23, 2013

Father & Sons

They started their trip out right with goofy faces and binoculars

 About ten minutes into the trip...
 Lincoln loved, loved, loved the Tent!!

 Eating dinner...Rick picked his favorite meal-cereal. Being the mom that I am, I fed Lincoln mashed potatoes and gravy with veggies before he left. There will be tin foil dinners in their future father and son trips but while Lincoln is still just a tike, he"ll be spoiled with cereal dinners.... but hopefully never lollipop veggies and licorice noodles with ice cream on top.

 Hanging with daddy!
 Hanging with grandpa!
 Then a little nature walk with daddy. Lincoln had so much fun, he could hardly contain himself. The "big rocks" were so very cool. Haha!!

One more tid bit...a video of Lincoln super excited about that tent

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Kelly said...

So dang super cute!