Thursday, October 16, 2014

Chili cook off

So the ward does a chili cook off each year and this year I thought, I'll sign up to make some cornbread. Rick signed up to make some chili and mentions this to me Sunday afternoon. My first thought is...Oh no, I'm going to get dragged into making that one. My second thought replaces the first with a hope that Rick will happen to get off work on time to make it himself and everything will go swimmingly.
 Well, Tuesday afternoon, Rick mentions his work is picking up and he will be working ten hour days now for a few months....And he sneaks into conversation, I may need you to make my chili I planned to make. He had found a recipe for some Italian sausage chili....Sigh* How did I know this would happen. Oh I know, because the same thing happened last year too. HAHA!! Oh well, no big deal.
So I plan to have a productive and super woman like day on Wednesday preparing the most delicious Italian sausage chili and awesome cornbread made from scratch. It actually did go well. Lincoln helped me clean out the peppers and even got to cut some (with my help and supervision) and we had all our prep work done that morning long before I needed to have it prepared so I decided to give it some time and finish it up later. The fresher the better, Right?!
 The chili was perfect and so delicious. I'm not a big sausage person but I liked it and that opinion wasn't at all based on the fact that I made it. The cornbread, however, was taking way longer than expected to cook. Heavens! It said it would only take 45 minutes. It had to have been the few tweaks I made with the recipe...It made us late. Fifteen minutes late! I had told Rick to go ahead without me and I would come later but he decided it wouldn't make much difference. So, we waited and went together. It was a fun gathering and the kids had a blast playing with their friends. My cornbread really was pretty awesome even though it didn't look like it was. I didn't want to claim my cornbread though. It looked burnt but believe me it was good and there wasn't any for me to bring home which was nice. Okay, so maybe I'm being a bit dramatic, it didn't look black burnt  but kind of a dark brown-ish in spots. It obviously wasn't too bad if I didn't have to bring much home. The chili didn't get eaten much though. They had way more choices this year which made it more competitive and less chili was eaten. Last year, I think they ran out of most. Maybe that's why this year there was way more that was made from everyone that brought some.
Anyway, now that I've made chili for an entire army, I will be suffering from the side effects from everyone in the house that eats it- For days!! I won't be eating it, although I'm starting to think I should so that I have some ammunition to give back to the rest of them. If you know what I mean.

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