Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Our weekend and some

We had a great weekend spent with family. It included an Epic water fight, fire ants, mosquitoes, trampoline games and so much more.
To begin, we went to my sisters place to help on their house. I hate just sitting around...I don't know... if we're there to help then lets do this thing and get some stuff done. Too many times it turns into a small amount of work done and a lot more visiting and sitting around. I asked Brogan what I could do while they were painting the bedroom. He said he had a couple of doors that needed to be installed, so I got to work. I have grown up building houses. All my life, tools have been natural items laying around the house. I started by pulling the framing off and I dragged Rick there to help get it done faster. He mostly just watched and took a few pictures-goof ball! He told me he like watching me take care of it more-Haha! But eventually, I got him to contribute after I had been using the jigsaw for a while, my arm got tired from holding it in such a weird position. We had to saw into the original door frame and wall above the door so the new door could fit in the spot. I have to admit, I love the demolition part of it but the most fun and rewarding is seeing the finished product. It was a lot of fun-really!
I took a break when we took the kids to the park to play at the splash pad, only the splash pad wasn't on. So they started a water fight instead. I had shown up a little later with Penny so I jumped in on the fun and snuck up on Telli and Weston and drenched both of them. Little did I know Telli was holding a few full cups of water in her hands and she turned around and got me good!
While we were there Lincoln managed to step into a pile of red fire ants and then instead of running away he dropped down into the pile and cried. I had figured he stepped on a bee and ran to him, but I saw right away that they were biting the heck out of his legs and feet and a couple on his back. I took care of the problem quickly, despite my own terrified fear of ants. I stripped his swim trunks off and everything. Poor Fella! He was pretty distraught.
Ignore this next paragraph if you think it's too graphic
The bathrooms were disgusting but when you have to go, you have to go and I needed to. I picked the best looking stall. So, there I am squatting over the toilet, (because of my public toilet phobia-besides it's a great workout for the legs). The second I began peeing, there were thousands of Mosquitoes that came flying up out of the toilet swarming around my legs and butt-YIKES!!! I was screaming in my head--PEE FASTER!!!!!! as I tried anything to get them away. All while still squatting over the toilet seat and praying that I didn't have that much to pee... To add to the worst of it, they just kept coming out of nowhere-seriously-WORST NIGHTMARE...the moment felt like it lasted forever. It was like time had froze but the mosquitoes had not and there was nothing I could do.  I still get the creepy crawlies thinking about it. They must've been camped out under the lip of the toilet seat or something. It really was worst nightmare kind of awful!!! Is it not?...things coming out of the toilet seat while your peeing. If that's not a nightmare of some kind for all of you, than you're just weird. I realize this is probably pretty hilarious for most of you because anyone I told after had outbursts of laughter that followed. But this may produce some pretty traumatic consequences for myself - I may never use a public bathroom again! And can you say Itchy bum for the next few days?! ...Obviously, I wouldn't be sharing if I didn't laugh about it too though.
Speaking of Pee, I got a call today from the school. My Lizzie had a little pee accident and they were asking me to bring some clothes for her. I asked her sympathetically, "what happened?" She replied, " I was having too much fun and I didn't want to miss out on anything". ..
Confession: I am one of those kids that had pee pee accidents at school -CURSE the person who invented Overalls! and shame on my mom for persistently having me wear them.
We had a discussion of how it just couldn't and shouldn't happen again-NO MATTER WHAT. Wow! That was quite the tangent I got on there.
After the water fight fun, we went back to find that the guys had finished with the other door and painting the room. It was looking So good. The rest of the weekend was filled with more great moments-Trampoline games with the kids and Lizzie pretending she would put a spider that she had captured in her hands, on her aunt Telli. Some of these things didn't go over too well but mostly, the weekend was filled with laughs, fun and games. I love my family!!

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Cambra Gordon said...

Haha! Oh my goodness! I read your mosquito story to Russ, it had is laughing pretty good!