Monday, June 16, 2014

Midnight 5k

They finally posted results for the Midnight 5k. It turns out I beat out my last time by a bit more than I thought because I forgot to take into account the gun time and the chip time. So, instead of me thinking I had barely beat my time by 1 second or so, I really beat it by like 8 or 9 seconds or something-Wahoo! Haha!
I placed 50th overall with 386 people running, I got 10th in my Gender overall and placed 2nd in my age group with a time of 23:37.5. That's a 7:36 minute mile. I was worried with my knee acting up but I got a brace just before the race and ran with it on. It helped a ton. I know because my knee was sore after but I didn't feel it at all during the race which was great.
Anyway, it's really just a lot of numbers...I'm especially proud of my sisters, parents and aunt for running it and beating their desired goals. Cami was 189th overall and 91st in her Gender overall and 16th in her age group. Telli was 256th overall and 143rd in gender overall and 25th in age group. My mom and dad both beat the time they had set for themselves. My Aunt Pam beat her time from last year and my aunt Marisa ran it with her. It was a lot of fun to have people to share this with unlike a couple years ago when I ran all by myself. It was a beautiful night and a beautiful run overlooking all of St. George.
So, I have to share a little. My very first 5k was the Midnight 5k the very first year they started it. It was at the golf course over in Tonaquint area. It was a really fun course to run. Kelly had talked me into running it with her and I was anxious and nervous and didn't know what to expect. I hadn't been running much and just decided to wing it and be there to run with Kelly. Rick had tagged along with Lizzie being our only kid at the time and was there to cheer us on. I am a competitive person to say the least and so I ran my heart out and pushed myself hard. I knew seconds before passing the finish line that I was gonna puke, but there was someone so close in front of me, I wanted to try to catch up to. At this race, they didn't have chips, they just kept track by our numbers when we came through the finish line. There was someone there to rip off a part of tracking numbers and they plugged in the information to their computers. The lady was trying to stop me to get my number and I was on the verge of puking all over her and myself. She hurried as she saw that that's what was going to happen-seriously, my gag refluxes were going crazy! I ran to a nearby tree and let go. It was eventful and the beginning of my 5k racing obsession. I placed that year as well with 3rd in my age group so the puking was totally worth it and I had so much fun with Kelly and Rick and my sister Cami.
This year turned out to be quite eventful as well. I was tailing a gal in a tutu miniskirt pretty much the whole way and as I turned the corner to a straight run to the finish line, I figured then was as good a time as any to sprint passed her. I did and then looked up at the timer they had going and realized I'd need to sprint a bit faster to beat my time (or so I thought) so I pushed myself and my momentum carried me past the snack table and then to the nearest garbage can as there was no tree in sight. Yep, that's right, I puked again. I must run from the deepest pit in my gut because this seems to be a continuing occurrence for me. I had some older lady watching me, probably worried I might pass out or something and when I was finished, she clapped and told me how awesome I had done. It was sweet of her, but made me wonder if she was referring to the puking or the running-haha. Just kidding. I watched, waited and cheered as the rest of my family came past the finish line. It was a great race spent with the best of people-Loved it!


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