Monday, June 16, 2014

Fiesta Fun for Lincoln's 3rd birthday

It took us all day to convince Lincoln that he was 3! He wasn't convinced because he hadn't had his cake yet. We made it but weren't going to have any of it until the next day when everyone from the reunion was there. I don't remember why it happened that way, maybe my mom thought everyone would like to have some cake with us. I made a huge layered cake with big fluffy clouds to go along with his dusty crop hopper Pinata and theme.
 Since Lincoln wasn't convinced he was three yet. Rick and I decided we'd do something to convince him. Rick came up with the idea to go to Fiesta Fun and since there wasn't much planned for the reunion that Friday night, we invited anyone who was there to come along. Only a few decided to go which was fine. We had a blast with the group we had there and by the end of the night, Lincoln was telling everyone he was 3 while holding up his three fingers. It was awesome and made me so happy. He had so many friends-his sisters, Easa, Weston, Dylan and Alli and even Corbin for a short while. He had so much fun and it totally made my day to see him high five-ing the staff who were admitting people onto the rides and telling them he was 3 that day! He had his three fingers in a bunch of pictures-proof he was convinced. I can't believe he is three already and I love the sweet, sensitive, funny little man that he is.

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