Friday, May 16, 2014

Lightning strikes

I watched the lightning show with Rick the other night after the kids were asleep. It was so awesome. We just starred into the night sky with flashes of lightning going off all around us. It was like watching a fireworks show. They came quickly with no pauses in between and a light mist blew over us ever so slightly from time to time.
Rick and I had some great conversations while watching the lights flash all around us. I mentioned how people seem to think they have a firm grasp on concepts, scientific or other; they seem to think they have control and power when they invent and discover one more breakthrough but what they don't consider or acknowledge enough is that God made all of this for us, therefore making it possible for these discoveries and inventions. 
In essence, God could spin the earth so fast we could all go flying off of it and be done with. I'm not saying it will happen and especially not in that way and I'm not saying that I'm not a part of "these people" that seemingly believe they have some kind of control of their existence and all that that includes. I'm just as guilty of taking for granted what we've all been blessed to be a part of here on this Beautiful earth. But I feel every time I get to see a lightning show like this, I'm reminded of God and all that He has given us--a chance to be a part and play a part on this earth and in our families and in this gift of Life. It reminds me to try harder and to be grateful.
 I was cuddled up under a blanket with the man of my dreams and I was feeling incredibly blessed to have a man who loves me back just as much as I love him. I am so grateful to have found Rick a part of my life at a time when I was ready and open to Love. He has been one of the best things that's happened to me among the three other best things in my life. I look forward to MORE best things.

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