Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Lizzie's 1st day of Kindergarten

I'm a bit beside myself...I really haven't had much time for anything, so I'll try to fit in all I wanted to share with you guys but we'll see...
Lizzie went to school today...My big girl's first day of school! I'm still not sure it's real. She's been counting down the days, asking me every night if she gets to go and today she got to go. She was so excited and it was darling to see her in her backpack and new school clothes.

Lincoln tried to walk in to school with Lizzie and then the moment we got back to the house he said, "where's izzie? want izzie!" Poor guy was so bummed, we decided to take a trip to see dad at work and then drove around town after finding tractors and BIG construction trucks- what can I say, the kid loves em!

And to add to big events- Rick finally ditched the beard and mustache today-Something I was beginning to think would never happen. Yay! for having my Rick back. I might actually enjoy kissing him now-I don't like the nush nash(mustache)! Give me rugged and scruffy but not a mustache....

I have some funnies from my kids...they make me laugh all the time...
Lizzie and Lincoln love playing their Pet Shops together and Lizzie pulled a kangaroo out for me and said, here's a Tangaroo for you mom.

On Sundays, the kids aren't allowed to play nintendo games so Lizzie says, lets play cardboards! meaning board games

Lizzie was looking at baby pictures in grandma's room and was realizing the babies were all her aunts and uncles and her mom and she turned to grandma and said, "You born A LOT of babies!"

Lizzie wrote her own primary talk the other day. It was on her favorite subject-Prayer. She loves to pray so she had a lot to say about it. It was pretty cute

At Penny's doctors appointment, she had to have some blood taken and she was pretty upset when they polked her and was crying pretty loudly. Lincoln anxiously says to me, "Give Penny Beeboo!" (Give penny your boob, mom) He was so concerned for her and he knew what to do but couldn't figure out why mom wasn't doing it.

I love to listen in on my kids playing from time to time and the other day, I overheard Lincoln exclaiming "Run Robot,, over here!!"

Lincoln learned to ride his tricycle the other day as well as climb his bunk bed. He gets so proud of himself and likes to tell me, "All myself, mom. All myself!"

Lincoln's aunt was warning Lincoln to be nice the other day and she said, Linc, stop doing that or else your going to get your sputt banked. He paused, looked at her and questioningly asked, "Sputt Banked??" she laughed when she realized what she said and corrected herself and then Lincoln understood.

I heard lizzie yell at Linc-Don't squirt me with that! (while she's sitting on the toilet) followed by If you squirt...Ahhhhh! I'm gonna eat your brains!! I'm gonna eat your brains and then a terrified scream from Lincoln as he runs out of the bathroom....MY kids, ladies and gentlemen!

The End


Bohin Babe said...

I love it!! I am always sad when I think how close you are but oh so far away. It's nice to see little glimpses of your little family. I so wished I would have wrote more down.

Kelly said...

haha! So dang cute! I love the little things that kids say--every kid sees the same thing differently and it is so fun to hear their sweet voices.
I am also glad that Rick lost the beard... He's too handsome to have a beard!