Monday, June 11, 2012

The Three F's- Family, Fun, Festival

Family-This weekend was filled with Family. I love my family- they are the best!! And big family get together's like this, are even better...

Almost Everyone- minus Robert, Cambra and Russel, Corey and Noelle, Caitlin and her family, Dustin and Jennie, Val, and Chris...Did I miss anyone?

Needless to say, it was a blast! Potluck at the park made for a perfect afternoon.

Fun-The kids loved the Awesome Play Ground..

 The slides that "Popped" every time a  kid went down them...

 This is our new found friend Lorenzo (Kelly- Do you recognize him?) He just happened to be at the park for a birthday party and when I noticed we needed someone to take our Big family photos, I wandered over and asked if he wouldn't mind but little did I know that he went to school with you and Rick. Rick recognized him and later was able to catch up while pushing the kiddos on the swings- crazy coincidence, Right!
 Lincoln loved the swings- Perfectly Content. And I have to admit, I loved the play ground too, but not as much as I love my kids, nieces and nephews.

Festival- The following day, Rick, I and the kids went to the Scottish Festival with his family.
It was windy but totally worth it! I freakin' love the Scottish Festival! It was so much fun and this year, I got myself a Wicked Tinkers t-shirt because Hello! The Wicked Tinkers Rock!! Here's me in my Wicked Tinkers shirt hanging out with one of the best in the band, Keith Jones
(Yeah- I secretly want to braid his hair)

Here's Keith performing his solo...


And here's some of all the band together, Jamming out...

And getting a little wild and crazy...

Oh, That's right, we mustn't forget the infamous CJ, he's the one all the girls go wild for- yes, me included.

And here's some more for everyone's enjoyment

Family, Fun and the Scottish Festival makes it to top ten on my list!!


Kelly said...

Keith is my FAVorITE! Love his crazy hair when he plays the drums!!!
How fun.
And yes, I remember Lorenzo. I can't believe he remembered me and Rick! Crazy!
What great pictures. I love this post. :)

Cambra said...

Russell and I so wanted to be there, but we were in Portland!