Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I thought I would update all those who don't get the chance to see Elizabeth  on a more regular basis. Lizzie is such a big girl and continues to grow in leaps and bounds. Her favorite movie is Enchanted but has recently expanded to The Bee Movie and a few others. She takes after her dad in most ways. She is our little social butterfly. She loves greeting people everywhere we go. We went to see the Princess and the Frog at the theaters the other day. The first half of the movie, she watched and the other half she spent talking to the girls sitting next to us. 
She loves loves loves nursery! When it comes time for nursery, she flings the door open and raises her hands in the air like, "Here I am"! Shes not shy at all and she can definitely hold her own. Shes had lots of practice from her cousins. She loves to help me clean. She puts the dishes away for me and tries to help me sweep the floors. I've caught her cleaning up her messes on several occasions and she always shuts the door on her way out of any room. 
Elizabeth has a pet fish that daddy won for her in a game. She spends about 5-10 minutes talking to her fish every day. She hasn't named him yet but maybe soon. Lizzie loves the ducks at the duck pond a mile from home. We like to walk over and feed them. She's not scared of them at all even after one of them tried to eat her thumb. St. George weather is looking nice these days which is even more reason to visit the ducks and the park more often.
She weighs about 30 pounds and she hasn't come across a taller 18 month old yet. 
Elizabeth loves to drive cars and ride in the bike, wagon, or anything that moves. She is also my little dancer girl and she is better at it than I am. I'm a little jealous :)
All the time, including public places, she'll grab my hands and say, " DANCE"! She's made me step out of my comfort zone on several occasions and I love it. She is putting words together now and understands so much. Her more frequently used phrases are, "whatcha doin'", "Here it is", " found it", "all done", and "what's this?".
I love my Lizzie with all my heart and I just thought you all might like to know what she's been up to.


Rae said...

She's so darling.

Jasmin Cee. said...

oh my. i miss her so much, miss all of you guys. wish i could see you more often, see that little one grow up! :D
love you!

Kelly said...

I don't even know what to say, my heart is aching too much. :(

Tell Izzy that I love her and can't wait to dance with her!
Love all you so, so much!

Kelly said...

Please don't take my comment as negative. I LOVE to hear updates about my niece! We need more!

bRaCkEnS said...

Your little family is so cute!!! Ive never met your little one, but she sounds adorable!!!! And she probably takes after you in more ways then you think. I love hearing your updates!! Cant wait for more! :)!!!!

Jamie Hunt said...

Oh! I can't to see her when I come up!

Sara said...

Hey. I found your blog. How fun! Your little girl is so dang cute. How old is she again? My little girl makes me dance in public too. It's kind-of funny. See you at volleyball! :)

Lorin and Angie said...

What a beautiful post! I love to hear about all the "happenings". You are a beautiful family... I look up to you in every way! Love!!