Thursday, October 22, 2009


As most of you know, Camilynne recieved her endownments on October 8th in preparation to go on a mission. She will be serving some place in Argentina that I'm sure I'm pronouncing wrong every time I say it, which also means I probably can't spell it either, so I'll spare you.

As Cami was weeding through her underwear, we came up with a Genius plan.
We decided to make...(drum roll please)... Teddy Bears out of her Underwear!
Yes, thats right. So, what started out a joke, became a girl's night of making Under"Bears"!

To enlighten you a little more, me being the wonderful seamstress that I am, sort of sewed the Under"bears" foot on wrong, which we decided, meant the establishment of another name for our Under"bear". "Hanes"!

So, in our attempt to make a memorabilia out of Cami's underwear.
We definately made some Memories!


Rae said...

HAHAHAHHAH!!! Oh, good heavens. That's STILL funny.

Kelly said...

That's so funny...and a good idea! Some underwear have real cute patterns! Haha! Aren't sisters the best?