Tuesday, October 27, 2009

One Heck of a Day!!

Elizabeth has grown so much in just the last few days. I can't believe it's all happening right before my eyes and I honestly can't keep up anymore. She says many more words and can throw temper tantrums like you wouldn't believe! She had one heck a day on Friday. As many of you know already, Elizabeth takes after her father in many ways. One being, she has become a great climber and puzzle solver at a very young age.

Elizabeth figured out that she could move the kitchen table chair pretty much anywhere she wanted and then use it as a stepping stool. I believe she's extremely happy about her success.

This is where it all began...

The bathroom! Elizabeth's favorite room in the whole house.

UH OH! I've been caught.
Unfortunately, Elizabeth's climbing skills also lead to some boo boos! On friday, Elizabeth managed to climb on top of the bathroom counter. She boosted herself on top of the toilet and then used the toilet paper roller as a step stool to pull herself on the counter. Luckily, i had finished curling my hair and so the curling iron had some time to cool off, but sadly, not enough time. Elizabeth got a pretty good burn on her foot. It was so sad and you can imagine how I felt being the one to have curled my hair. I was wishing I were bald. But Lizzie is a tough little chick and she handled it really well.

"OW!!", was what she had to say about that.


Rae said...

I LOVE her LEGS!!!

Kelly said...

What a kid! Her smile in the 2nd picture is my favorite! You know, Isaac has that same look of "Oh-oh, I've been caught!"