Wednesday, August 5, 2015


Every now and then we get a chance to go to the city carousel and we usually stop into Judd's Store for a candy and breadsticks. Judd's Store may be the oldest place in St. George. My dad used to walk to Judd's for treats when he was just a young thing in school, I did the same thing my 6th grade year at Woodward and so it makes my heart happy that my kids can experience a little of what me and my dad have. And although it's changed quite a bit over the years, the store itself hasn't and still holds true to it's integrity.

 Someone must have been taking pictures and Penny spotted these random stools left out in the field. I just want you all to know, we did not pose her or tell her to pose this way. This is just purely, our quirky Penny.

 The day we heard of Grandma Bev passing, Rick went straight to her home to meet with the other family there. He also saw these ducks there. In all the years, we've gone to see Grandma Bev, we've never seen ducks in her yard but that day, we did.

Shopping for the perfect dress for the funeral

And this is just because I'm in love with these curls

Just random every day stuff, doing homework with Lizzie, while eating watermelon and playing footsies with Penny.

And the occasional selfie

 Just some more bath time shenanigans. I can't help it, they love bath time and it always brings out some of their best smiles.

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