Thursday, January 6, 2011


 Christmas in Salt Lake. Unfortunately, I had just got my new camera, so I didn't get any pictures of the unwrapping of the presents and excitement included. But of course, it was loads of fun.
 Lizzie and Jas playing Littlest Pet Shops- Adorable!
 Watching movies with Grandpa
 Playing the piano with Ike
Watching "Despicable Me" with Miley

Christmas was absolutely wonderful! Rick and I loved watching the kids open their presents and I loved the whole spirit of Christmas that filled the house that Christmas day.


Kelly said...

How sweet! I LOVED Christmas 2010. :) I am so glad that you guys drove up for it! I need some more Lizzy in my life. Thanks for posting the pictures. Made my day.
Love ya!

Rae said...

Jealous that you got to be with Kelly without me! :) But also really happy for you!

Kelly said...

Oh Rae, you also make my day!
Can't wait for another girls night with my sister and my friend!